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Posted on: November 25, 2008 9:35 am

I have heard and read a lot of predictions about who is going to play in the NC game. Curiously many people and experts feel Oklahoma should go to the Big 12 championship game over Texas. I really cannot fathom how any thinks that should happen...Texas beat Okie ON A NEUTRAL FIELD. Now I agree the Sooners are playing some great ball, maybe playing better than Texas, however you can't overlook the games. If the whole season is the playoff as BCS supporters argue, Texas has won the right to play Mizzou. It seems like every year the BCS kind of works itself out, but there is no overlooking this year’s problems. PLEASE give us a playoff so we can see it settled on the field. As much as it pains me to say it, Southern Cal might be able to beat any of those teams in the top 5. I know we have heard the argument over and over, but I know with all the "experts" out there, surely there is a way to come up with a playoff that makes as much or more as bowls. My idea is to fist of all put Notre Dame in the Big 10 and spit the conf. into two 6 team divisions along with giving them a championship game. Then Put Fresno State and BYU in the Pac-10 and whatever 4 mid-majors in the Big East and do the same. Give each BCS conference champion....the championship game automatic berth. That would give us 6 automatic berths, then use BCS rankings to determine 6 more teams and there we have it. Keep the bowl games outside of the playoff and teams still make money...and the BCS would make a killing marketing "The BCS NC Playoff!!!"  Yea, there might still be a problem with the 7th ranked at large bid, but I am much happier with that then the 3rd ranked team getting the shaft. Heck I wouldn't mind seeing a 32 team playoff, the more games and teams the better. All a pipe dream I fear, but back to this year, if the NC game is not a Big 12 - SEC game it is going to be a crying shame. Texas should go to the Big 12 championship game, they still have to beat a solid Mizzou team, but they should handle that and play the winner of the Florida-Bama game. The game in Atlanta is going to almost be the NC in itself.  I see Florida staying hot and beating Bama solidly by 10 or more. If enough voters wait until the game is played (unlike year Josh Haepal or whatever his name was played like a dog in the Big 12 championship nut still won the Heisman because everyone already voted) Tebow wins his second straight trophy. Whatever happens its going to be fun to watch.  <o:p></o:p>

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